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If our product is not the best solution out there, we will not launch it!

This was the only precondition we had set to ourselves before we embarked on our latest and greatest challenge to date – to design the most badass bike bag the world has ever seen. And so we began. 
When you want to develop the very best product, what do you do? You work with the best. Therefore, we are proud to reveal that our bike bag is the result of a close collaboration with Team Sky – the world’s most professional RR team.

...these bikes are fine-tuned down to the very last millimeter and the most integral piece of performance technology, makes it, we’ll have to admit, nothing less than the ultimate bag challenge.

Making a bag for a team which is in a constant motion of transporting bikes between races and training camps all over the world is not an easy task. Adding to the mix that these bikes are fine-tuned down to the very last millimeter and extremely vulnerable to any type of hard handling, makes it, we’ll have to admit, nothing less than the ultimate bag challenge. 

It belongs to the story that Team Sky had already tried for years to work with several big players in the travel bag industry, but none of their bike bags had managed to meet the team’s high demands.  This was when Team Sky’s head mechanic, Allan Williams, noticed Db's innovative approach to ski and snowboard bags, and he thought that perhaps this Norwegian startup company could rise to the challenge.
First sketches were made 2015, Oslo.

Allan brought the idea to Carsten Jeppesen, Head of Technical Operations at Team Sky. The two realized that nothing comparable to Db’s ski and snowboard bag existed in the bike world, and that applying a similar innovative approach to bike bags could be a game changer for their team that travels with over 30 bikes overseas.

And thus, Db’s CEO Truls Brataas met with Alan and Carsten at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. The meeting resulted in instant love between the two companies, as Sky and Db saw that their core business philosophies matched perfectly. The challenge was accepted. 

A complex development process started. Not only did Team Sky demand unparalleled product functionality; protection, lightweight, functionality and convenience at a new level were also at the top of the list of demands. At the same time, handlebars and seat poles had to be able to stay on the bike. Adding factors like the size of x-ray machines and the stability of bike bags, it all boiled down to questioning the very basics of the product – redefining the bike bag.

Following more than two years of non-stop hard work together with Team Sky as well as mountain bike athletes like The Atherton’s and many more, we finally managed to design a hybrid, with benefits of both hard case and soft case. A PCT-patented pending solution that meets the only precondition we set. 

The time has come to launch our two bike bags The Tour and The Trail. 

Happy travels, 

Team Db

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